Sunday, August 13, 2006

"The Girl" - Outed

"The Girl With a One Track Mind" has been a link on my sidebar for a long time. Both on this blog and on my previous one. She's a good naughty read, as many have found out, as she's one of the most read anonymous sex bloggers.

Well, anonymous until last week. There she was on the front page of a major British newspaper last week, picture and real name included.

Outed by journalists who hunted her down after the release of her anonymous book about her blog. Who was she? They had to know. They hunted her down and now we all know, including her friends and family. She's been in hiding, traumatized by the sudden and dramatic publicizing of her private sex life.

Egads! Can you imagine? Actually, I have already imagined it over the years.

Readers have asked me before, and recently, if I considered writing "DanceFan" into a book. (I appreciate that compliment to my writing!) Had I considered writing a book treatment? Yes. Do I think I could write and interesting book about being a strip club customer for over 20 years? Yes. Would I want to write a book, and hopefully profit greatly from it, based on a sex blog? Yes. Would I try to write it? No way.

Why? Simple - because I wouldn't be able to promote it in any way. How would it sell without promotion? How would I tell any prospective publisher that I couldn't be photographed or make any appearances to promote a book?

I like to write sex blogs. I do. It's my creative outlet for this part of myself. It's a small little private journal, as far as I'm concerned. Staying private is the important part.

So, my thoughts go out to "the Girl", who is being unwillingly thrust into the public eye. She just wanted to express herself. And maybe to profit some from her talent. That's not too much to ask. But, it had a price. Best wishes to you Girl.
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