Sunday, August 27, 2006

My "Dick of the Day" Debut

I've been dissed. Or more precisely, my dick has taken a public blow! From famous porn stars no less! And I thought it was funny.

I wrote last Wednesday about getting hooked up on Sirius Radio and discovering the Night Calls radio show with Ginger Lynn and Christy Canyon. Hot show. I tuned in again Thursday, and I heard them promoting a Friday feature called "Dick of the Day".

How could I pass that up. I've already put myself out there on this blog with pointers to a photo website with approximately 35 or so dick pictures.

So, which one to submit? Hmmm. I didn't put a lot of thought into it. I grabbed one of them that got a lot of positive email comment - the first picture in the "abusing my laptop" album (password = scm). It features my erect dick, plus a laptop with porn on it. How could porn stars not like it? I emailed it in to Playboy Radio. I didn't really know how this contest worked, but I had a submission.

Tuned in Friday to see if I would be on, but I could only listen 90 minutes and they didn't get to it. Tuned in again tonight during a long drive down an interstate. A replay! Can't believe my luck. I stayed tuned in until they got to it near the end of a wild show, which began by the way with Ginger Lynn cranky because she needed an orgasm.

After the first three "Dick of the Day" reviews I was getting a feel for the ratings. They each got ratings between 7 and 10 from both Christy and Ginger. The 4th dick reviewed was, according to Naughty Melissa in the soundbooth, from the "Semi-Celibate Man". Yikes! Porn stars Christy Canyon and Ginger Lynn reviewing a picture of my dick on satellite radio as I'm driving down the highway! Awesome!

Would they like it? Uh, no.

They started to - for about a sentence or two. But then...Christy noticed that the girls in the porn on my laptop were not them. (It was Jenna Haze) I was not spanking it to or! And the hating began. How rude, how disrespectful for me to have brought other porn stars into it!

Naughty Melissa chimed in from the soundbooth and agreed. I had been rude. "But then again", she offered, "look again at his name. Semi-Celibate Man". Oh yeah.

Christy Canyon: "I give it a 2"

Ginger Lynn: "One".

Ouch. My dick's ego was crushed!

The rest of me thought it was hilarious. I smiled for the rest of my long trip down the highway. Porn stars said my name on satellite radio. That's all I need. :)
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