Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Risky or Hot?

If you've put up a post on CraigsList before for NSA sex, you know that it can be a risky proposition. Just because you request a sane, safe, discreet, D/D free partner it doesn't mean you're going to get any of those things. Caution is required.

Before I met "A" over the holidays I ran into a couple of situations in trying to satisfy my craving that weren't sane or safe. One situation for example, I had set up a public meeting first before going to his home. I didn't like the situation when I got there, and left. He then emailed me a long all caps email that was certifiably batshit crazy. Dodged a bullet there. Second guy was giving off a serial killer vibe. When he invited me into his basement, and the logo on his underwear was "Killers" I made excuses and got out of there.

Which is why I was glad to meet "A". He's sane. The situation at his house was safe. I don't know him in my vanilla life, so he represents "discreet". Cool. If I could just make this into a regular thing. His email saying that he was available Saturday made a safe / sane regular-thing into a possibility.

Until the twist...

I emailed that I was headed his way. He emailed back with this:

"I have someone over right now. A long time friend. He may want to stay and watch, or he might leave."

Wow. That's a twist.

Do I balk at that, or do I take a new risk and go?

Is this hot - someone watching? Or is this unsafe? Two could overpower me if it was unsafe...

I'll cut to the chase. I went. I called A on the way over and asked him what his friends first name was. It was an unusual name that I did not recognize. Okay, probably still discreet. I felt my way through the safety issues after I arrived with a few questions. D would just sit across the room and watch.

A got naked and sat back on a couch in the same position as last time. I got naked and got between A's spread thighs in the same position as last time. I gave A a long hellacious blowjob just like last time.

What was new was D watching. Fully clothed, while A and I were naked. D was not going to be a participant. Just a voyeur. Hot.

I wanted D where I could see him as I enjoyed myself. So, I tossed him my camera and had him take pictures of A and I together from a 3rd party view, mostly from the side. D took the picture in this post.

I enjoyed the hell out of the situation. I loved the feel of A's body and of his delicious cock in my mouth for a long time. Teasing. Edging. Sucking. Until A shouted and came explosively straight down my throat. And I have lots of pictures of that, courtesy of D.

What's going to happen next? I have no idea...
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