Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rude Boys do the Double-V

Come on rude boy, boy
Can you get it up
Come here rude boy, boy
Is you big enough

Rhianna, Rude Boy

Well, that was certainly a question. After my hydraulics issues in our first two meetings. Would She have two rock hard cocks from Her two men?

She and I had cooked up our 3rd encounter, with an agenda. He would be in charge. We both agreed. What He wanted, He would get.

Now, She and I had some ideas on what that could be.

She likes gay porn. Wants to see me suck His cock. Maybe both of us crawling over to His chair and sucking Him. Or see Him fuck me in the ass. I'm a bi-sexual male, and have needs for male contact as well, so I'm down with that. Craving it, actually.

She also has fantasies, and He likes for Her to get pleased, that could happen. One fantasy She shared in an email was for what's called "creampie". She would be on top of me in 69, sucking my cock. He would be fucking Her doggy, over my face, and would cum in Her. I would lick it out. Was I up for that, She asked? I am.

I had picked up that He was wanting us to double-penetrate her somehow. Wasn't sure in what configuration.

I would essentially be their MFM sex toy in any scenario. She used the term "dutiful submissive". I'm okay with that term, although I tend to top from the bottom as it were. Besides, I'm more plugged in the middle: receptive to Him and dominant with Her. Her two rude boys.

Lot's of ideas flowing between Her and me by email. But He was not online. What would He really want? It was a mystery.

So, I prepared for anything. Craved anything.

I ate carefully for a couple of days before, to not worry about anal, if it happened. I picked up a vibrator and did some backside play, because it's been a while.

I took extra doses of Cialis, to be ready. 5X the previous dose to be exact.

I arrived early and got a room. I showered. I watched some porn. I waited.

A knock on the door, and we were together again. Breaking the ice with a hug again. Getting right to it. What would happen?

He took a seat on the recliner next to the king-sized bed to watch us. Took His cock out to stroke as He watched. Gave us instructions:

"Strip Her. But, you can't touchHher pussy or Her ass". Okay. I wanted to linger for a while on that and get some groping and kissing in. I was too slow for Her in that, and She stripped us down.

"Put Her on the bed". Done. She got on all fours and sucked my cock in as I kneeled upright on the bed. Yes, a decent hardon! She sucked it to full mast.

We shifted around to me laying on my back where He could watch Her kneel over my cock and suck me for a bit. Nice. More please. Quickly, we changed again.

"Fuck Her for me", He said. I climbed in missionary and without a condom, and stroked into her for a while. It felt heavenly. "God, I'm going to cum already!".

"Pull out then", He said, and I did. "Baby, I need you to pound me", She said. He replaced me and fucked Her to a strong orgasm. Pulled out, and sat back down.

Since he was sitting, I offered. "I can suck on that for you" I said. "No, I'm good", He declined.

"Climb on top of him, baby". She did, and we established a good "girl-on-top" fucking rythym. Fairly quickly He climbed in behind Her for the double-penetration. I assumed He would slide in Her ass for the DP, but I was wrong. He slid into Her pussy right along with me. A double vaginal. "You get to see my eyes go wide", she said to me right before He was in. Yes! His cock sliding on mine felt great! Highly sensitized. Beautiful friction.

He pounded into Her with me for an intense few moments. Man it felt good. Good to Him too, and He quickly shot His load deep into her pussy.

"Move over his face, baby". She did, and sat Her cum-filled pussy right on my mouth. I licked it out diligently, savoring His cum and licking Her to a screaming orgasm.

Wow. His fantasy of a DP and Her fantasy of a creampie come true.

He dressed, and stepped outside for a smoke. "Can I fuck Her more while you're gone", I asked. He's in charge, after all. "Go ahead. I'll be a few minutes".

I enjoyed some more missionary fucking Her while he was out. I like a slow fuck, and I was lingering on the stroking and kissing Her. She likes a rude boy. "Can you fuck me harder?" I can indeed, if that's what She wants. I did my best to pound Her into the bed from the top. She was breathing hard and squirming. "How hard are you trying not to cum right now?", she asked me. "I'm practiced at it". Delayed gratification that is. I can generally hold off an orgasm. She got there, though. Thrashing against me as She came. Wow.

He came back in and stripped down and joined us on the bed. Again, I offered. "Can I give Her a show and suck on that for you?" Please? Again, He declined. "No, I'm good".

He repositioned us for a fuck. Me on my back sideways on the bed with my head almost hanging on. Her 69 over me, sucking on me. Him standing by the bed and pounding into Her pussy right over my face. I managed to slip a hand in and rub Her clit while he fucked her. She came again, hard.

Another interlude followed, with Him sitting in the chair stroking and watching while I climbed in between her legs to lick Her pussy for quite a while. Her cumming. Her directing me. "I need some fingers in there." Okay. "Forget the clit, fuck me with your fingers hard." Which I did, vigorously, until She came hard again.

That was stimulating for him, and he climbed back on the bed. Back into the position that we had ended with twice before. Him spooning Her, and slipping into Her ass with His hard cock. Me spooning into Her front, slipping two fingers into Her cunt, and kissing her neck. Her delirious. "Come for me, baby". And He did. In Her ass.

Wow. Fun being their sex toy. "I hate to fuck and run, but we have to get back home". One hour of MFM fun.

I'm puzzled though. I offered three times to give Him a good blowjob. He declined three times. Nor did He take advantage of my offered ass. It's about double-fucking her. He's okay being naked with me as we're fucking Her, but He apparently doesn't need to cross swords so to speak.

When I'm in charge, He's going to get a long satisfying blowjob to completion. And, I'm going to cum in Her with a condom.

I didn't get off while they were there. I layed naked on the bed while they dressed and left. Then I took care of myself. I put a condom on the vibrator and stuck it deep in my ass to stimulate my prostate. (It's been a long time for that!) I stroked off while watching a porn DVD on my laptop. A good strong orgasm, shooting ropes of cum. By myself.

Then I straightened up the room and left.

Will there be a 4th time? What will happen the 4th time. When will I get to give a blowjob again? I really need to...
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