Saturday, January 01, 2011

The Perfect CraigsList NSA Experience

So, how again did I find my self in the house of an attractive stranger, settled in naked between his spread legs, with his beautiful cock held deeply and satisfyingly in my mouth?

A CraigsList ad for NSA M4M sex, that’s how. I had success with that back when I traveled and had a hotel room where I could host a guy for an hour or two. No success locally though. Who could host me and be discreet?. Knowing that I had some time off for the holidays, I tried again with this ad:

Is there a guy in a hotel with a nice cock that wants a great long blowjob? Because, I'm offering one. I really want to give one. Take me up on it. I'm tall, fit etc. You'll like me. My cock size doesn't matter, because no recip is necessary. I'm a bi-MWM. Not bi-curious. Bi. I know how to give a great blowjob. Just want one, and respect me for getting you off.

It posted, but strangely I couldn’t see it on CL. Didn’t think I would get any email responses because of that. But I got one.

"I don’t have a hotel. You could come to my house. I’m 36, bi, GL, 7” cut.” Pic attached of a good looking guy with half a girl cropped out. So, he dates girls. Good.

Two emails later, and I was headed to his house. If you’ve done CraigsList NSA before , you know that is rare. I’ve found it a frustrating chain of emails that go nowhere . Not this time.

“A” answered the door and showed me in. Wow. He wasn’t kidding. Good looking all-american jock type. Baseball cap, muscle shirt, and sweatpants - which he quickly shed as he sat on the couch. I sat on the couch next to him, greeting him by taking his soft cock in my hand and lightly stroking it as we talked and I looked around. Single guy house. Floor to ceiling window next to us with no covering, looking across a park at an apartment building. Anyone watching us?

Taking charge of my submission, I moved the coffee table away and knelt in front of A, still dressed, and took his soft cock in my mouth. I like this part a lot, taking his soft cock fully in my mouth and drawing it out to full length as I suck on it. Hearing that first moan. Settling in for a long blowjob.

A: “I usually take a long time to cum.”

Me: “Perfect. Take your time.”

First Act was me, still fully dressed, getting to know his body. His beautiful 7” cock - slender but steel hard. Gorgeous tanned fit muscular thighs that I ran my hands over as I pleasured him. Soft close-cropped hair over his whole body.

I handed him my Nikon and had him take some early pictures of me sucking on him. Full length shots of my lips just nuzzling the head of his cock. Close-ups of his cock buried in my mouth, almost to the hilt. It would be a challenge to get the 7” all the way in. A put the camera down and settled in to enjoy the blowjob passively. Not touching me or caring about me. Perfect.

I luxuriated in the sensation of taking his cock fully in my mouth and holding still, with some good suction. A liked this position, a lot. I found it incredibly therapeutic. Calming. Delicious. Why is it that only women are supposed to enjoy this?

Slowly he got the idea to lift up his hips and try to push that last inch into my throat. Feeling the head of his cock buried in the back of my throat. Pushing into me. Until I pulled off of him at the last minute.

A, letting out his breath: “Man, I was right on the edge.”
Me: “Good. Stay on the edge. Enjoy that.”

Act two had me taking my shirt off, with more pictures.

I varied techniques as I enjoyed myself sucking on his cock. It was up to me, as A was passively reclining back on the sofa enjoying himself. I didn’t have a plan. I just had fun.

I got on all fours and sucked A in hands-free for a while. Taking his beautiful cock deeply in my mouth and holding it. Then a very wet rapid stroking up and down, fucking his cock with my wet mouth. I pulled off and rubbed the tip with a wet thumb while I sucked in his balls one by one. I licked and sucked just the head while I held his steel shaft firmly in my right hand, looking him right in the eyes as I did.

A: “Fuck! I can’t decide whether to just cum or not.”

Me: “How long do you have?”

A: “All day, man.”

Me: “Are you enjoying this?”

A: “Hell yeah. I like it slow like you’re doing.”

Me: “Then don’t cum yet. Make it last.”

Act three had me getting naked and keeling back between his spread thighs with my feet tucked under me. I sucked seriously on his cock for another full 15 minutes. The room quiet. No sounds but my sucking and his moaning.

A was getting warm and he pulled his shirt up a ways. I rested my left hand on his flat toned belly. Wow. I liked feeling that.

I looped an arm over his leg and around underneath, cupping the underside of his strong thigh in my left hand. I gripped his steel shaft in my right hand and sucked down firmly on the what was left and held it. A bucked slowly up into my mouth. When I felt him getting close, I let go of my grip and took him fully into the back of my throat and held it. A literally yelled out his orgasm, shooting his load so far into my throat that I couldn’t even taste it until he withdrew a little. Ah, there it is. Salty. Delicious.

A: “I like how you did that slow. When it’s too fast, I can’t cum sometimes.”

We’re a good match, I said as I dressed in front of that uncovered window. He likes a slow blowjob. I give an awesome slow blowjob. I hope I can do this regularly with A. Stay tuned…

Ladies: when is the last time you gave your guy a focused blowjob like this, to completion?

Guys: When's the last time you had a focused blowjob like this, to completion?

I give a great blowjob. Yes I do.
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