Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Semi-Celibate Around the World

Over on my sidebar you'll find two bright pink boxes with a relatively new addition - a world counter from Neo Counter that tallies visitors by country. I tripped on it one night on Tragic's blog (thanks, and hi dear if you're still out there) and added it here as a lark.

I've been watching it grow with fascination and awe. Wow. I would never have guessed that it would tally visitors from 97 countries - as of today's count.

Okay, I know that the internet is available all over the world. At least, intellectually I knew that. But to watch that counter add countries brought that home. To think that someone in each of those countries has stopped in to read something here on Semi-Celibate Erotica is mind-boggling to me.

Sure, I knew that readers come here from Canada, and the UK, and Australia. I could've guessed Germany, etc. But Oman? Morroco? Vietnam? Hungary? Really? !!!

It brings up all kinds of questions in my mind. Here's two:

1. Are those of you visiting from all of those countries native residents of those countries, or westerners "stationed" there for whatever reason and surfing websites back home? If you're from those countries, comment on this post and say hi! I'd love to know about you.

2. Is the experience of being semi-celibate - having a partner but having much less sex than you want to - common in all of those cultures? Tell me about it, either in a comment here or email me at semicelibate@yahoo.com

97 countries! But, there are still more out there. So, I have to keep writing until they find me too. :)
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