Friday, September 29, 2006


I'm going to have my hands full this weekend, and may not be around blogland much. May, or may not. We'll see.

So, I'll leave you a photoset that illustrates another time I had "my hands full".

I've posted several sets now of various stages of whacking off in hotel rooms. (Am I completely enamored with my dick, or what?). Artificial light in all. However, circumstances combined recently to place me home alone on a flat surface with sunlight coming in on me.

Hmmm. Must take pictures was at least a quarter of what I was thinking. I was mainly intrigued by the different looking texture on Mr. Helmet in the sunlight. Okay, I'm easily amused. And horny. And photo-addicted.

So, for you NSFW voyeurs - here you go:
album = sun-lit
password = scm

You can look more than once, if you want to, throughout the weekend.

Everyone else, catch you in a couple of days.
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