Tuesday, October 03, 2006

"Bachelor" Wannabe

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Yes, I'm sticking with ABC's "The Bachelor" one more season - The Bachelor in Rome. I've watched every season, and I'll watch this one too.


Well, it's because the Bachelor is this really cool guy who's rich and charming and.........Ummmm, no. He's a guy. He's not why I'm watching.

It's 27 gorgeous women! All in full flirting mode and dressed to kill. What's not to like. It's absolute eye candy, every episode.

Am I a Bachelor wannabe? Would I want to have 25 gorgeous women throwing themselves at me? At least once!

Okay, there are the crazy girls. At least one or two every season. Psycho stalker girls. It's fun to watch the bachelor figure it out and weed them out.

Then there are the divas. The gold diggers. The "I'm entitled to be the princess" spoiled bitches. (Erika, pick up the white phone) It's really fun to watch them bite the dust.

And there is the one girl who is saving herself for marriage. Nice, but no rose as soon as he hears this. Seen it before.

And then, weeks from now, what's his name will get down to one perfect girl.

And he won't marry her either. He may do a fake proposal, or a "promise ring". But then, he'll do what the other bachelors have done - want to date more women!

But I'll have a lot of fun enjoying the women until then. You know where I'll be on Monday nights.
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