Saturday, October 14, 2006

Gadgeting In

I'm not a trendsetter. Not by any means. Other than blogging, of course, I generally let technology and fads pass me by. Don't feel a need to jump in.

IM'ing? - nope. Chats? - nein. - not going to happen. I can live without all of them. iPod? - don't have one.

Until today, that is. The bug has bitten me on two fronts:

1. MP3. After a long day of air travel today, and the prospect of more and longer flights, I hit Circuit City on the way home and snagged an entry level MP3 player. A couple of hours online later, I've downloaded an awesome playlist that will get me easily through any flight and layover. What was I waiting for? It's incredible technology! To have tons of songs that I handpicked in this little gadget with great audio! I'm hooked. I'm listening to excellent songs - from Jim Croce to Gnarls Barkly - as I write this. Love it.

2. I was avoiding YouTube for the most part. I see some videos embedded in other blogs, and I usually check them out and enjoy them. But, I really didn't want to sit and spend long amounts of time on there just surfing videos. I'd rather surf blogs.

Until recently, that is, when I figured out that it was a good venue to indulge in the favorite male hobby - watching girls kissing! There are lots of variations of girls kissing on there, from uploaded home videos to professional stuff.

At the moment, I'm hooked on a genre of "Sharmen" videos. Those would be compilations of scenes of the characters "Shane" and "Carmen". They are a butch/femme couple on the Showtime series "The L-Word", which I can only catch ocassionally in hotels. Now I have these two on demand. With lots of hot girl kissing. Nice.

I'll leave you with a sample, and go back to my surfing. enjoy!

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