Saturday, September 02, 2006

My Dick, Re-viewed

Of course I had to resubmit my dick for Playboy Radio's "Night Calls" Dick-of-the-Day. Had to.

You remember that I submitted last week, and got hated by hostesses Christy Canyon and Ginger Lynn because my pic included porn on a laptop - porn that featured actresses other than Christy and Ginger. They thought that rude. I got a "2" and a "1" respectively, out of 10.

So, I resubmitted with a 3 pic set that was chosen both to not offend, and to highlight features that Christy seems to like: balls and shaving.

You can see the 4 pics, original and the 3 resubmitted, at my new companion site here.

Damn! I got on again. I was the last Dick reviewed last Friday, but I got on again. Christy again, plus porn star Alana Evans sitting in for Ginger.

After struggling with my name ("What's his name again? Sem-eeee Celibate Man?), and struggling with my note about getting low ratings last week ("Why did we crucify him last week?), they got to my photo set.

They liked the first one: "It's a nice dick".

They liked the second one: "He has huge balls!" And they're shaved, although Christy quibbled with the preciseness of the shaving.

They really liked the third one: Christy - "There is pre-cum in this pic". Alana - "Just the right amount. I like that."

Ratings: Christy - "I'll give him a 7 because the shaving could be better." Alana - "I like it. 8"

7 and 8. Given the massive porn dicks that these two are used to seeing - good enough for me. I'll stop there. That will be likely be my last appearance on Playboy Radio.

If you have Sirius Radio, they replay the broadcast from 4-7 Pacific time (6-9 Central Time). My review came up right at the beginning of the last half hour of the show. Catch it if you can. It's pretty funny.
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