Sunday, March 28, 2010

Her, Him, and Me: 2nd MFM - Ponytail

"What would you like me to wear", She asked me in her email about getting together for a second hotel room tryst. Yes! There would be a second time. They liked me, and thought that I made a good third for them.

I didn't really have an answer for her. Not yet anyway. I had some time to think about it, as our plans for a weekend meeting got cancelled. Plus, I had something more pressing on my mind. Would I have a problem again with keeping an erection with a condom on? Would they trust me without one, if so?

A solution came to me - a larger condom! Not that I have a huge cock. Just average 6". But, condoms did seem to be too snug for me. Off I went to the corner drugstore to snag a 3-pack of Trojan "Magnum" condoms. Did the cute young girl at the counter see them as she checked me out? She didn't change her expression if she did. A little trial at home, chubbing up on day-2 of my 3 day Cialis dose. A nice erection, if I do say so myself and yes! The Magnum rolled on easily and confidently. A nice jack off with a cream-filled Magnum confirmed that I could keep it up. All right! Let's try this again.

Still thinking about what she could wear for me. Lingerie? A sexy dress? Nothing.

Then a few days later, a surprise email. It's on for a few hours from now. Could I make it? A popped Cialis - damn, not enough time to be in my system well. But yes, I'll be there.

Here's what to wear for me, I tell Her: a ponytail. I have a thing for them. They remind me of my youth - and She is damn near twenty years younger than me. Plus, it's something to hold onto as you suck my cock.

I get a phone call from Him at the appointed time. "We're in a hotel near you". 15 minutes later I'm knocking on the hotel room door.

He meets me at the door, partially undressed. She's on the bed, panties only, looking flushed. "I was getting a blowjob when I called you", He says, smiling. Good, they've already warmed up.

He lays back on the bed for her to kneel over Him and resume the blowjob. Her ass swishes invitingly in my direction. Hell, I think, let's find out right away if this is going to work. I peel Her panties off and confirm that's she's wet already. I quickly undress and open a Magnum package. "Honey, are you ready for him?", He asks? Yes, she nods, and I move in behind Her doggy style to slide into Her.

Damn! No, it's not to be. An erection of sorts, but no steel in it. Insertion is not going to happen.

"Don't be nervous", they both encourage me. It's not really nerves. Just penile hydraulics 101. Too early for the medicine. I roll Her over and climb in the saddle missionary. Kissing Her deeply, waiting for it to happen, while He is encouraging her. "Just fuck Her, man". He reaches over and pulls the condom off of me. "Just fuck her." I spend some time rubbing the head of my cock back and forth in Her slit, but it's not going to happen.

That's not going to stop me from having a good time, though. I have more skills than needs, and I'm going to put them to use in pleasing Them.

Still in the saddle missionary, I draw my finger across Her lips and tell Him to slide His cock right there. Kneeling up beside our heads, He does just that. Sliding His cock between our lips. Hers underneath, mine on top - licking the length of His shaft for a while. Until I take His delicious rock-hard cock completely in my mouth. Matching His strokes into my mouth with forward progress of my own until He is filling my mouth with His thickness and hitting the back of my throat. Nice. Keep this up for a while, I think. He's still a little shy with this though, and pulls out and pulls Her up into doggy style to fuck Her again.

I stood up off of the bed and offer my cock to Her willing mouth. I'm thinking of her first email, where She said that She is VERY submissive, as I take Her ponytail firmly in hand. I'm going to own that ponytail and be a little rougher this time. Rougher. As She sucks me to an erection, I work that ponytail. I want her to feel the pressure of her head yanked back as He pounds into her pussy from behind. I alternate gripping my cock and feeding it into her mouth with lifting my cock and having her lick my balls - first one side and then the other. I use her ponytail to lift her face up to me to kiss her deeply, with my tongue using her mouth and then back down onto my cock. She has a lost look on her face as He and I are stuffing her from each end. A beautiful, lost look.

I have only snapshots in my head from the next hour with this beautiful couple. Her, the center of attention. He, the hard pounding cock. Me, all fingers and tongue.

- "You can't break me", She says as I saw two fingers vigorously in her cunt. Inverted, feeling her G-spot as she bucks against my tongue on her clit.

- Roughly sticking my thumb into her mouth for her to suck as He's fucking her, then holding Her face in my hands to kiss her deeply.

- Her, head down and ass up as he's fucking her doggy-style. Me, head against hers as I reach underneath her to crush a tit in each hand as he slams her. Rough.

- Him fucking Her missionary as I lay beside her and kiss her tenderly. Reaching between them to rub her clit as she rides another orgasmic wave.

- Her on top, as she rides Him blissfully. Me, behind them, pulling her ponytail back and rubbing his thigh. Following His direction to work my fingers into her pussy while he is stroking up into her as well. Feeling his cock sliding in and out with my inserted finger as we double-fuck her. Hot!

- Me, sucking his cock back in as she rolls off of him. Feeling his hips rise up off of the bed as he fucks up into my mouth. She and I alternating blowing him.

- Me, laying lengthwise on the bed and crawling in between Her legs to feast on Her engorged pussy lips. Taking my time to lick and suck and finger Her to multiple orgasms as He lays beside us and jerks off.

"I'll take your lead on how long to stay here", I tell them. "I can go anytime, or stay and play as long as you like". He looks ready to get off, and offers that our finish last time worked pretty well for Him. I'm game.

We get into position, three of us spooned together in a Her-sandwich. He pushes eagerly into Her ass from behind. I cuddle up to Her front as intimately as possible. Kissing Her deeply as I cup two fingers firmly into Her pussy. Planting kisses along Her neck as we double fuck Her - him with His cock ravaging Her ass and me finger-fucking Her pussy. Feeling Him through Her membrane, desperately and roughly pushing into Her ass. Her leg thrown over my hip to allow us both access. Her Baby behind her, filling Her. Her lover in front of her, kissing Her tenderly. Hot sweaty bliss.

After He comes, and She calms down Her breathing, He heads off to the bathroom to clean himself. I roll Her onto Her back and climb back in to kiss Her pussy a last time. "One more orgasm for you, if your game". "Oh, I'm game". I lick, slowly. The flat of my tongue teasing Her wet tasty opening. Seeking and sucking Her meaty lips. Languishing over Her clit. No hurry. Taking my time. Naked together, tasting Her. Until She cums once, twice, three times in an amazing bucking-against-my-face hard cum. Nice. I love it.

And we're done. Again, I haven't gotten off and that's okay. I enjoyed their naked bodies and I enjoyed mostly the intimacy.

"You guys are awesome", I tell her as I'm hugging and kissing Her on the way out.

"We know".

I'm hoping there is a next time...
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